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Our Best Jewelry Store Chicago provides customized designs as per customer satisfaction. Purchasing a new piece of jewelry from us isn’t merely buying a gift — it’s creating a symbol. Whether you’re custom designing a ring or selecting something from our fine jewelry collection, our experts works with you every step of the way to make your unique vision a reality.

Our Process
By taking appointment with one of our jewelry consultants, you have begun a process that will deliver a piece of the finest quality and is crafted with the utmost care.

Whether you are interested in an engagement ring, wedding band, pendant, bracelet, necklace or a different piece or set, we’ll sit down and help you create exactly what your heart desires. Often times, This begins with images, pictures, a drawing or combination of all items to show us what you have in mind. However, the process may also start with a sketch if we are developing a design with you from scratch.

We then used to generate a digital rendering of the ring to provide an illustration of what the finished product will look like. Each view of the design can be rendered and the sample below is built using the perspective angle. At this point, you can determine whether you would like to move forward with the design or request changes.


Best Jewelry Store Chicago create a 3-dimensional view of your piece. Our latest rapid prototype technology (EnvisionTec or Solidscape) makes it very easy to design your wish. If you want to see your creation with the actual dimensions prior to casting we can show you.

Once we create the design and discussed, we create a customized sample design file. The sample file provides you with a feel of what your piece will look like. During this process you can ask for changes to ensure your jewelry is exactly what you have though, with all the design aspects you desire. Our designers can incorporate just about any changes to the sample file you can imagine.

Jewelry Store Downtown Chicago design experts takes the approved sample file and attaches (sprews) it to a tree using a hot wax pen. Than it is covered with a flask and filled with investment. This is similar to plaster. The investment dries and the flask is casted into an oven to burn out the wax. When the wax is turn to burned out, a detailed of the design is left as an imprint in the investment. Than all the metal is melted and forced casted into the investment mold. When it cools it forms the unfinished piece. The piece is then broken out of the investment, clipped from the tree, and sent to the mass finishing department for polishing and diamond/stone setting. The piece is now complete.

Engagement Ring Specialist
When you’re ready to pop the big question and are looking for just the right engagement ring, Ethan Lord is the place to go. Choose from stunning designs in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or palladium. Each ring is fully customizable, and we can even accommodate any center diamond shape you desire. Your product will be specially crafted to take your beloved’s breath away.

Men’s and Women’s Wedding Rings
Find beautiful wedding rings among our large selection, or custom create one precisely to suit your tastes. At Ethan Lord,
Indian Jewelry Store Chicago offer a variety of stunning wedding bands that can match engagement rings we offer, be designed to match a ring you already have, or become the diamond eternity band you’ve always wanted. We custom make rings of all types.

jewelry store chicago

Jewelry Store Chicago   

Once we create the design and discussed, we create a customized sample design file.  The sample file provides you with a feel of what your.

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jewelry store chicago

Indian Jewelry Store Chicago    

We offer a huge range of diamond engagement rings that can suit your unique jewelry tastes and budget.   

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jewelry store chicago

Jewelry Store Downtown Chicago   

Jewelry Store Chicago experts will guide you through one of the most important purchases of your life.  

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